Olivier Colin, Communications Advisor Les entrepreneurs de la Vienne en mission à Houston

Listen, create, manage

Aliénor Consultants is an exceptional enterprise with a unique image, and an organization of creative minds that share their expertise and enjoy each other’s company, creating an amicable professional atmosphere. This multifaceted team dynamic insures the success of our projects and the satisfaction of our clients.

Aliénor Consultants is a human-scale company that chooses to limit the number of professionals that work with each client in order to enhance the sense of accountability of our team members, with respect to the client. We know by experience that talent and competence are not determined by the size of the company. We do not wish to expand exponentially but rather to preserve the quality of our work and intimate relationships with our clientele. As a result of this philosophy, we have an organization that is able to work closely with decision-makers to achieve the goals of the client.
Listen. Create. Manage. That is the philosophy that drives us. More than mere words, they are the forces that have driven Aliénor Consultants for over 15 years.